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Hall of Fame
Averaging over seven million hits per month , Pasty Central is the most active E-commerce enterprise in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  On the web since 1995, Still Waters Assisted Living Community established its own full featured ISP* in 1999 known as "PastyNET".  With its major focus on Internet solutions for business (domain hosting, secure server, web page design and programming), PastyNET now also offers high-speed dial in service for members across the entire U.S.
*ISP = Internet Service Provider
Why an ISP in the Copper Country?  For several years we managed many popular U.P. domains, subcontracting with other ISP's for bandwidth and server space.  Besides dealing with the busy signals of the other ISP's, our combined traffic of Pasty Central and the domains we host, outgrew these local "rented" resources.  It was time for more horsepower!  ...Our own T1's, our own servers, our own pipeline to the "backbone" of the 'Net.

Why should you consider switching your domain to Pasty.NET? 

- You'll be in good company.  See our home page for a current list. 

- Pasty Central is one of the few sites in the U.P. which changes daily, guaranteed.  Our sponsors receive the benefit of the constant traffic this investment has created. 

- Beside the fastest available domain connection to the outside world, your banner ads on Pasty Central have an insured quota of page impressions.  We will not oversell this service.


- Secure ordering capability is available at no extra charge.  This makes it possible for you to accept credit card orders with the encrypted information delivered to your email address.  With thousands of pasties, sweetrolls, saffron buns, video tapes, etc. sold, this has proven itself to be effective in serving folks throughout North America.

- At a cost comparable to what you now spend on the Internet you can maximize your presence by associating with Pasty Central

- Complete log and traffic reports are available for all domains we host.

Three sponsorship levels are available:
Full Domain Service

1,000 banner ads monthly

-registration management
-Telnet, FTP w/80MB storage
-cgi-bin and SSL support
-email forwarding
--(ex: me@mydomain.com)

cost = $50/month

Folder Site

800 banner ads monthly

-URL ex: "pasty.com/myshop"
-FTP w/10MB storage
-cgi-bin and SSL support

cost = $40/month

Banner Sponsorship

700 banner ads monthly

-link from Pasty Central to your site (hosted elsewhere)

cost = $35/month

Find out more today... In the Copper Country phone 337-5979 (out of the area: 800-327-0966 ) or email Charlie Hopper or Daryl Laitila

Your sponsorship helps support care for the elderly in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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