Current speeds and policies of Pasty.NET wireless broadband
Summer 2019

Pasty.NET has been serving broadband to remote areas "off-the-grid" since 2001. This project has been a cooperative effort with its members to build an infrastructure of wireless links to blanket rural areas, such as Keweenaw County, which now has Pasty.NET coverage to more than 70% of the County's population*.

Except for some members grandfathered under the previous data-limited offerings, all new connections are free from any data caps, at the following residential speeds where available:

4 Mbps download
1 Mbps upload
12 Mbps download
2 Mbps upload
24 Mbps download
4 Mbps upload
1 - Unlimited data residential offerings, call or text for commercial tiers and prices (906-289-8068)
2 - New service installation of modem** $79+tax, routers available at additional cost
3 - Seasonal members may suspend one time annually, with a $25 reconnect fee
4 - Full time members receive one month free with annual payment in advance
5 - Most members are paperless with cc autopay or automatic bank draft. $1.50 fee for printed statements
6 - Pasty.NET is a best-effort service. See acceptable use policy and privacy policy at
For more information, call or text 906-289-8068, or email

*source: Federal Communications Commission, Fixed Broadband Deployment map (2017)
** modem remains property of, Inc., wiring and mounts become property of homeowner
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